"How to Block Phishing & Adult Sites
in Less Than 5 Minutes"

A $19 Value

There are bad parts of the internet - parts you don't want to go to. Sometimes, clicking one link pops open another window of your web browser, working in the background. You might not even know it's there... until it's too late.

Or, you might find yourself logging in somewhere you think is legit but it's actually a hacker waiting for you to type in your login.

Instead of this happening to you, take some steps to help block it from ever happening in the first place with this simple and quick guide.

For just $10.99 (with bonuses), I'm 100% confident you'll be able to block naughty websites immediately after reading this short book.

Because I'm so confident, if you don't immediately feel you got 10x the value of your $10.99 investment, I'll give you your money back within 60 days.

Here's what you get:

  • Blocks Websites Categorized as: Tasteless, Proxy/Anonymizer, Sexuality, and Pornography
  • Blocks Virtually All Phishing and Adult Websites
  • Works for Homes and Offices
  • Works on Computers, Laptops, Phones, Tablets, Gaming
  • Great for Families With Kids
  • Covers Your Entire Network - ANY Device Connected
  • Can Easily Be Added to Devices That Leave Your Network
  • Just 3 Easy Steps
  • Takes Less Than 5 Minutes to Set Up
  • Set Up Once and It Keeps Running
  • No Monthly Fees - It's Free to Use

I've Done All the Research
to Get You This Valuable Solution...

Protect Your Family and Devices Now

Order TODAY and Get These Bonuses Worth $27:

BONUS #1: Video Walkthrough

Watch as I show you exactly how to do the 3 steps to block these naughty websites on your network and then where to find the settings on devices.

This short and easy to understand videos shows you exactly how I do it.

BONUS #2: Scam Busters - How to Avoid the Most Popular Scams of Today

Chapter 1: Work At Home Scams
Chapter 2: Debt Relief Scams
Chapter 3: Foreclosure and Mortgage Scams
Chapter 4: You Won Scams
Chapter 5: Identity Scams
Wrapping Up

BONUS #3: Cyber Security - The Ultimate Guide to Internet Safety

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Child Safety Online
Chapter 3: Secure Payment Sites
Chapter 4: Online Banking
Chapter 5: How To Keep Your Password Safe
Chapter 6: Common Scams
Chapter 7: How I Got Pharmed
Chapter 8: Virus Protection
Chapter 9: Self Maintenance
Chapter 10: Personal Information Online
Chapter 11: Is The Internet Safe?


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